MORJANA Refill – Delicious Orange Cinnamon Shea Butter, 175g


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Nourishing Shea Butter with Argan Oil. With a spicy and delightful scent.
The 100% pure and natural Shea-nut butter with Orange and Cinnamon essentials oils combines a rich, creamy texture with a warm, intoxicating fragrance. Since the dawn of time, this prized beauty treatment for hair and skin, has been passed down from generation to generation. Shea-nut boasts excellent protective and moisturising properties and promotes suppleness of the skin. The butter is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E extract with anti-oxidants. Shea butter has hydrating, rejuvenating and protective powers. Traditional production & extraction methods are adhered to, creating a solvent-free and additive-free nut butter. Cinnamon tones and stimulates while Orange which is tonifiying, provides a sensation of well-being. All skin types and is well suited for damaged and dehydrated skins. It is also recommended for the treatment of dry hair.


To nourish the skin : Warm a small amount before massaging into face and/or body, insisting on dehydrated or
damaged parts. You can add a few drops of Oriental Oil in the case of a very dry skin.
As a body wrap : After the exfoliation, warm the Shea butter and apply an average layer on the whole body,
then wrap your client in an heating blanket and let activate for 20 minutes. Perform a complete massage of
the body or absorb oil in excess with a hot towel.
To repair hair : Before shampoo, warm the Shea butter and apply on hair, insisting on the tips. Let activate 30
minutes minimum under a hot towel. Then proceed to shampoo.

• Repairs the skin
• Firms the skin
• Regenerates
• Anti oxydant action
• Releases nervous tensions

Active Ingredients: Shea Butter: nourishes, hydrates, softens and protects; Argan Oil : repairs, nourishes and protects against free radicals; Cinnamon Essential Oil: tones, stimulates; Orange Essential Oil: stimulates, anti oxydant.