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Fundamental treatment for your precious skin.   2008  Dr.HEDISON which started as an aesthetic specialty cosmetic brand has provided sophisticatedly customized solutions to various skin types while representing hospital and aesthetic beauty salons and clinic center.  

All Dr.HEDISON products are based on 100% plant – based material which has an authentic effect than ordinary ingredients.

Dr.HEDISON cosmetics fully nourish skin with exclusive recipes created by professional R&D researchers.

Dr.HEDISON professionals and employees focus on feedback of customers and struggle to provide huge satisfaction.


Enter the MAXXelle world and discover the perfect balance between quality, professionalism and respect for nature.

MAXXelle do not stop until we get the perfect result for the beauty and health of the hair.

To achieve perfection, it is essential to pursue the care of details and not leave anything to chance. Each product is the result of an accurate research centered around both the client and the respect of his/her body.

MAXXelle work to achieve a beauty that goes beyond aesthetics and becomes part of a path of wellness and health. Products are not just cosmetics to conceal hair defects , but concentrates of wellness, that aim to restore their natural beauty. They act with beneficial active ingredients of organic origin, for immediate, long-lasting and visible results.

MAXXelle laboratories work incessantly to seek exclusive formulas that leave hair and skin soft, bright, strong and above all without damage. In short, full of life.

To choose MAXXelle means choosing to be naturally beautiful. No tricks, just nature!


Morjana takes you to the heart of the Orient and its mysteries. Guardian of ancestral secrets passed down from generation to generation.

Throughout its two ranges, Marrakech Dream and Hammam Essentials, Morjana range of beauty products opens the doors of a mysterious world filled with colours, perfumes and lights where sensual beauty reigns supreme…

For face and body, Morjana products meet modern men and women expectations seeking for efficiency and pleasure.

Like a bridge between two worlds, a universal brand created for every woman in a spirit of authenticity, innovation and an invitation to travel.

Welcome to Morjana’s world..