MORJANA Plant Ghassoul, 200g


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A necessary product to enhance purification. The combination of Plant Ghassoul with a Breeze of Orient offers mineralizing properties. Can be applied to hair, face and body.

Ghassoul is a cleansing volcanic earth used by oriental women to treat their hair and skin. It has strong ab- sorbing and mineralizing properties. 8 plants have been selected to act in synergy and enrich the Ghassoul with their unique properties according to Moroccan beauty secrets. Rosemary extract (flaking, hair loss, acne, blood circulation, stimulating), Lavender extract (irritations, skin problems, soothing, healing), Myrtle extract (astringent, devitalized skins), Clove extract (toning, antifungal, purifying), Nettle extract (mineralizing, hair loss), Rose extract (soothing, astringent, regenerating), Moss extract (mineralizing) and Lavandula essential oil (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, sedative). For all skin types. Plant ghassoul can be used for body wraps, face masks, hair treatments or in a bath (bal- neotherapy) for a remineralising treatment.


– Facial mask : Mix 20g of powder with the chosen Breeze of Orient until you obtain a smooth paste. You can also add Argan oil for a nourishing action. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off.
– Body wrap : Mix 200g of powder with with the chosen Breeze of Orient until you obtain a smooth paste. You can also add Argan oil or a nourishing  off.
– Balneotherapy : Pour 100g of powder into the bath water.

• Rich in minerals, it detoxifies the skin
• Procures radiance
• Ideal to recover shiny hair

Active Ingredients: Ghassoul: absorbs, purifies and remineralises; Rosemary Extract: stimulates; Lavender Extract: soothes; Myrtle Extract: astringent; Clove Extract: tones, purifies; Nettle Extract: mineralizes; Rose Extract: Soothes; Moss Extract: mineralizes; Lavandula Essential Oil: sedative action.