DR.IASO-MINT Exfoliating Prep, 140 ml


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A multi functional toner with an added AHAs / BHA peeling function sloughs off old keratin to improve skin texture, and prepare the skin for added moisture.

  • Skin purification, Detox: It wipes away pollution, fine dust particles and other harmful elements to cleanse skin.
  • Pore management: Cleanses pores by removing old sebum and keratin that clogs pores and makes them appear less noticeable and more refined.
  • Conditioning: In addition to cleansing the skin, it leaves skin in an optimal condition, prepped and ready for the next step in your skin care routine to be absorbed perfectly.
  • Old keratin removal: The AHA / BHA / plant extract complex, provided at an optimal ratio to prevent irritation, removes old keratin gently and brings out the healthy, young skin that is hidden below the surface.