Dr. IASO-MINT Complete Moisturizer,140ml


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A moisturizing and silky lotion for all skin types, it is easily absorbed, providing even the driest of skins with intense moisture and hydration to effectively plump skin.

  • Fast and effective moisturizing:The micro encapsulation technology provides intense hydration and strengthens the skin for long lasting effects.
  • Glow inducing Vitamin complex: Three vitamins (vitamin B3, B5, E) valuable to skin restore the skin radiance that was lost due to dryness.
  • Strengthening of the Skin Barrier: HAL (Human Analogue Lipids), a complex of ceramide, cholesterol and lipid, which is similar to the essential components of the skin barrier, not only makes the skin healthier by replenishing the damaged skin barrier, but also protects it from external stress
  • Strong antioxidants: Naturally-derived plant extract complex (Phyto Complex) with soothing and antioxidant functions provides a layered protection for the skin.