DR.IASO-MINT Cica-Maca Cream, 50 ml


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A multi-functional, highly concentrated, and soothing recovery cream, which combines pure cica complex with maca peptides from the mystical Inca Empire, sooths sensitive skin and restores healthy skin.

  • High concentrations of soothing extracts:TECA, a highly purified cicacare ingredient coupled with cica water (Centella asiatica extract) effectively calm irritation, soothe discomfort and restore damaged skin to full health.
  • High concentrations of regenerative ingredients: Maca peptides, containing large quantities of amino acids with excellent skin regeneration abilities restore the skin, and enhance elasticity and health whilst also reducing fine lines.
  • High concentrations of purifying ingredients: Our patented skin purifying ingredient (Red Snow) combined with Green tea extract, clears and soothes skin that has been stressed with fine dust particles, pollution, and other harmful substances.
  • High concentration of hydrating ingredients: An optimal combination of plant extracts and vegetable oils hydrates the skin and form a moisturizing barrier without any stickiness with the help of the HAL comple