Dr.HEDISON Peptide 7 Real Eye Balm, 30ml


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The 7 Peptide Series 7 Gel Eyelid Balm rebuilds the skin matrix from the inside out, strengthening the skin’s structure, restoring the eye contour and improving skin elasticity. The balm fills wrinkles, fights puffiness (contains a decongestant peptide) and dark circles (thanks to volufilin in the balm). Provides a radiant, rested and open look.


Apply a small amount of balm to cleansed skin around the eyes and use gentle movements (use fingertips to hammer into the skin). Apply instead of cream to the desired area of the face (for example, in the area of the nasolabial fold) and gently hammer into the skin.

  • whitens the skin around the eyes
  • increases skin turgor
  • intensely moisturizes
  • absorbs quickly;
  • economical to use.
  • Increases the natural elasticity of the skin thanks to the triple synergy of 7 peptides, marine collagen and borphyrin. The delicate skin around the eyes is hydrated and radiant from the inside out.