Dr.HEDISON Gold Activation Ampoule Serum, 50ml


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Dr.Hedison Gold Activation Ampoule Serum – Facial Serum with colloidal gold. Perfectly nourishes and cleans, effectively fights wrinkles. Prevents skin aging, improves its elasticity.

Luxurious care and saturation can be obtained with the energy serum thanks to the rose flower solution, pure gold and various plant components. The soft texture and pleasant aroma of energy serum improves not only the skin color, but also improves the mood. With regular use, serum is able to improve the skin color of the face in a short time, blocking pigmentation, even out the texture, making the skin smooth and radiant.


After cleansing, apply the product to the skin with a patting motion.

Ingredients and main ingredients:

  • Flower water of a table rose – a distilled rose solution helps to control the PH balance of the skin, soothe and moisturize it. The use of rose water instead of normal, makes the composition richer and more useful. Known as an anti-depressant and sedative for headaches. Powerful natural aphrodisiac.
  • Gold – activates the skin, being an excellent conductor of beneficial components in the deep layers of the epidermis. Pure 24K gold can trigger deep skin processes, enhance cell regeneration, even out skin texture, rejuvenating and refreshing it. Effectively removes impurities and makeup.
  • Coptis Root Extract Chinese – contains berberine alkaloid, which soothes inflamed skin and has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as regenerates the upper layers of the epidermis, helping the skin look healthy and fresh.
  • Nicotinamide is a powerful regulator of cellular metabolism, improves the appearance of dry and damaged skin, reduces flaking and restores integrity. As an antioxidant, it perfectly protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, increases its elasticity and barrier function, and has a whitening effect.
  • Adenosine is an active ingredient in the fight against wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, provokes the production of collagen and elastin in skin cells, has anti-inflammatory and healing effects.
  • 6 types of plant extracts (lavender, bergamot, peppermint, freesia, chamomile, rosemary) are effective in calming, moisturizing, saturated with vitamins and minerals, have anti-inflammatory properties. Such a rich complex of herbal ingredients effectively nourishes tired skin, returning her a beautiful appearance.